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Before the 1998 Bible study began, I went on a sewing mission trip to Ecuador, as a treat for the wives of missionaries at HCJB radio. I felt that the Lord did not want me to make any major decisions before going to Ecuador, so when I went there I went with great expectations of real life change. I came back disappointed as I did not see any life-changing events taking place. While in Ecuador, two pastors asked if pattern-making was something that could be taught to the local people. When i returned and met a pastor going to train pastors in South Africa, he also asked if this would be something that could be taught to the local people.

As I prayed about a short term mission trip, I believe that the Lord told me that there was more than enough work to do in this country. Several months later I met the president of the largest homeless shelter in Tampa and told him about my dilemma; pastors were asking me to come to them overseas but I felt God calling me to stay here. This gentleman told me that teaching employment skills was so important in our country as well, so that when the welfare reforms dried up, people would have a skill they could use to support themselves. The next day I spoke with another gentleman that suggested that I should consider creating an on-line classroom to teach pattern-making.

Dorothy and I now had the direction that we needed to put the lessons on paper. We met one morning each week and as I went through the methods on pattern-making, dorothy would write down what I said; if it made sense to her. She not only guided me to write the material down but she also edited it so that it made sense to someone who was not experienced in sewing. We worked that fall on the first manual for creating a pants pattern. After Christmas break we started on the manual for the dress pattern.

The summer of 1999 a visiting pastor from Russia was preaching about how great things happen to God's people who are faithful. I felt a tug at my heart to talk to him about the patterns as a mission. But, I had to leave and did not have the opportunity to talk to him. A month later a missionary was preaching and talking about his teaching Bible College Underground in Vietnam. I felt the same tug and approached him to say that the Lord was telling me to offer my help. He asked me what I could do? I told him about the pattern-making and the manuals that Dorothy and I had created and he agreed to contact his translator. His translator sent me an e-mail within 12 hours, saying that they had been praying that someone would come and teach them how to make patterns; please send the material and they would translate it into Vietnamese. Dorothy and I met in the fall to create the third manual for the pattern-making series.

I went to Vietnam in July of 2000 to teach and assist a group of young women, since all three of the manuals were now translated into Vietnamese. Also, through the trip to ecuador, I had met Marion Clark, the daughter of the founder of HCJB World Radio and she graciously had the manuals translated into Spanish.

Al Barrett, a local canvas maker has a sewing ministry in Africa. In May of 2001 he suggested that we could combine our efforts. We met with our Pastor for direction and he indicated that it was his dream to reach out to the community. I was asked to speak to the missionaries about sewing as a ministry tool. Also, the manuals that Dorothy helped me to write are great tools that can be used to teach English As A Second Language. And these manuals can also be a means to create relationships in a country closed to the gospel.

I am now involved in Sewing Hope which is a ministry working with the economically challenged, and disabled, that started September 11, 2001.

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure in leading me to where I can be of service to Him. And it all began by committing to CBS wholeheartedly.

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